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I came to music in life through learning from great teachers beginning at the age of 7.  Starting at the piano, I came to understand early on in my training the nurturing, loving, and inspiring lessons that I was learning and would continue to learn with every teacher along my path.  In my studio, I share those special experiences with my students and work to teach each student a strong foundation in piano and voice.  Inspiring each student to reach their goals in music and to enjoy the process is apparent in my approach. I create a warm, loving, honest, challenging, and inspiring environment to learn in.  I believe strongly in setting small, attainable goals at a time and achieving them through diligent practice, belief in oneself, and enjoying and bringing passion and ambition to each student’s journey. 

I teach the following styles of singing: classical, musical theatre, pop, rock, and jazz. 

Lessons in Voice

Singing is an expression of us. It comes from our bodies and in many ways, it is the sound of who we are. In my voice studio, I work with students to find their unique, individual voice.  I teach students the fundamental of vocal technique through body awareness and alignment, understanding the breath, phonation, articulation, vocal registration, vocal acoustics, diction, musicality, and expression.  Each student learns differently.  I am skilled in recognizing different learning styles and teaching everyone in a way that they have a clear understanding of what is being asked of them in their singing.  Singing with our authentic voice through tension-free singing helps each singer to then express their message easily through their song. Through this experience, each student continues to grow as a singer and a person.  The lessons of vulnerability, self-compassion, self-expression, practice, and achieving consistent small goals are all lessons we learn through singing that we can carry into the many areas of our lives. 

Lessons for the Young Singer

In my studio, young singers have a prominent place.  The Young singer is growing physically and neurologically, daily.  My approach with young singers is to work with them to explore their voices. I work with each student to bring awareness to the different sounds they can produce, explore their vocal range, and learn to skillfully articulate words through speaking and singing. I work with young singers to bring awareness to their bodies and understand breath, phonation, articulation, and vocal freedom. For many young students, singing is their first instrument. I teach each young singer the fundamentals of musicianship- rhythm, note reading, and solfege. The lessons young singers learn with me can be carried with them through a lifetime of music learning and exploration.  

Lessons for the Senescent Singer

Students in the latter part of their life have a strong presence in my studio. I teach students of this age group both who are new to singing or coming back after a pause in vocal training.  I understand the changes in our bodies both physically and vocally and work to teach you how to begin or continue to sing with your authentic voice in the latter part of your life.  I work to teach both beginning techniques to new singers and how to refine and grow the technique of a returning singer.  I want to understand clearly what each singers’ goals are and work to find repertoire that is enjoyable, nurturing, challenging and fun.  The journey of singing is lifelong.  I am delighted to be on this journey with you! 

Child Playing Piano

Beginner Piano Lessons

Piano is where I began my journey.  It has a special place in my life as a musician.  In teaching piano, I encourage students to approach their learning with curiosity. In my lessons with the beginning student, I teach each student a strong foundation in rhythm, reading and understanding the complexity of the staff, music theory, musicality, and physical technique.  In my beginning lessons, students learn the rewards of setting goals and achieving them through practice and performance. Beginning piano lessons with me are the beginning to not only the piano, but to a lifelong of music learning and appreciation.   I teach beginners of all ages.  I truly believe it’s never too late to begin learning! 

Intermediate/Advanced Lessons

In my teaching of the intermediate/advanced pianist, I work closely with each student to assess their goals with piano.  From here, I work to help students learn music and applied theory from all styles and genres.  Classical, jazz, ragtime, and contemporary. Learning a variety of styles in repertoire teaches the intermediate/advanced pianist multi-skilled playing. Piano lessons of this nature teach the pianist to be well-balanced, multi-skilled, and versatile. 

Piano Lesson
Music Sheets

Location & Booking

Lessons are available in West Roxbury, MA near Boston, Dedham, Westwood, Norwood, Needham, Milton, Canton, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Medfield, Walpole, Sharon, Randolph, Qunicy, Braintree, and Stoughton, and easily accessible from Boston on the Franklin line. Lessons are also available online via Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Duo. 

To schedule a lesson, please fill out one of the questionnaires above.

Katie Jillson earned a BM in Vocal Performance from New England Conservatory in Boston, MA 2015 and is actively pursuing her MM in Vocal Performance 2022 from the Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge, MA. Katie Jillson is an active member of NATS and the NATS Boston Chapter.  Katie is also an Orff Schulwerk Level 1 educator.


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