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Testimonials from Katie's Students


"Even just [after] the first couple of voice lessons, I could see that [Katie] is so nice - she is a fantastic singer and a fabulous voice teacher! She is very calm and patient and always takes her time to explain anything that I'm having trouble with. She always has a smile on her face, and she has a great sense of humor! She helps me choose fun, interesting music and has very helpful techniques of singing to help me warm up and learn my pieces well. Whenever I have a difficult new piece, Katie helps me every step of the way."

-- Emma (age 11)

"Even in the first lesson that we had together, I knew Katie was going ot help me a lot. I've seen how I have come a long way in learning how to sing in a wider range and sing new songs that I'm not usually comfortable with. Katie is so sweet and nice, and she is always positive, even when I make a mistake."

- Sophie (age 12)

"Katie is an excellent teacher!  She has been incredibly supportive in helping me accomplish my goals as a singer. She's knowledgeable, patient, a great listener, and clear communicator.  Her accessible and clever explanations help me understand where and how I can improve.  Katie puts me at ease and offers thoughtful, honest feedback with encouragement. What I appreciate most about my lessons with Katie is her whole-person approach to helping me achieve greater vocal freedom: she recognizes that the head and heart as just as important as the body in creating beautiful sound!"

- Jacqueline Regan, soprano (age 56)


"I love going to my piano and singing lessons with Katie. She teaches me really well without being hard on me. I have learned so much from her in the past 2 years. I highly recommend going to Katie's for singing and piano lessons!."

- Juliana Danz (age 9)


“Katie has been my teacher of voice and piano for 4 years.  The progress I have made under her tutelage is astounding. Her teaching involves both finely tuned technical skills and a nurturing non-critical style.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.” 

- Laura Rinaldi, mezzo soprano



"Katie is a superb singing teacher.  The first thing that shines through is her passion for her craft which is what makes you passionate as well. She does an excellent job of teaching you basics and incorporating what you would like to do as well.  My lessons are the best part of my week and I have seen how much I have grown as a singer.  Wherever you are in your singing experience Katie will be a wonderful teacher."

Nadege Manigat, soprano (age 35)

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